About Your Health

About Your HealthNothing is more important than the health of you and your family. Because the AOA cares about your health, we've provided you with information on a variety of health topics. Use this resource to gain the knowledge you need to make informed healthcare decisions.

From asthma to winter blues, the osteopathic approach to medical care can serve all your health needs.

Hot Health Topics

In the past few years we've seen health crises ranging from West Nile Virus to mutated flu strains. Get the latest information on these hot health topic to keep you informed.

Health and Wellness

Whether you're doing research for school, work or simply want to be more informed about health issues, browse this library of general health and wellness articles to stay in the know.

General Health Resources

We offer a comprehensive list of general health resources, including associations, organizations and government agencies. Browse this list for additional information on your specific health concerns.

Health Calculators

Want to learn about your Body Mass Index? Maybe you're interested in calculating your ovulation date. Use these informative, yet fun health calculators to gather a variety of information about your body.

Supported Programs

The AOA lends its support and resources to agencies and organizations that offer unique health programs and services. Find out more about how these supported programs provide help to individuals and communities.

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